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Remi Schmaltz

Founder & General Partner, Koan Agtech Capital

Remi, the Founder & General Partner of Koan Agtech Capital, embodies the quintessential Canadian agtech entrepreneur. Hailing from an Alberta farm, he boasts a remarkable track record with two successful exits to blue chip companies, TELUS and CHS. Beyond his accomplishments, Remi is a highly sought-after mentor at THRIVE, A100, and Creative Destruction Lab.

With a keen entrepreneurial spirit, Remi excels in cultivating substantial revenue and value within the agriculture sector. His skill set extends to raising capital, forging strategic partnerships, business development, and successful exits. Notably, he co-founded Decisive Farming, a trailblazing digital agtech firm that secured venture funding from McRock Capital, a prominent Canadian technology venture fund. Remi’s adept negotiation skills culminated in an exit to TELUS, making Decisive Farming an integral part of TELUS Agriculture—a monumental achievement recognized as the Most Significant Tech Transaction of 2020.